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We are exclusive agency of FISO Technologies Inc, Stress Photonics Inc, Correlated Solutions Inc, isi-sys GmbH, Fiber Force GmbH and SINTEC.
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FISO Technologies Inc.
FISO Technologies Inc. Our fiber optic sensor offers innovative reliable technology to parameter of temperature, pressure and strain.
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Stress Photonics Inc.
Stress Photonics Inc. Our product can measure strain and stress as nondestructive and non contact.
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Correlated Solutions Inc.
Correlated Solutions Inc. Correlated Solutions offers non-contact shape and deformation measurement solutions for material and product testing.
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ISI System Inc.
ISI System Inc. ISI-sys offers nondestructive full-field inspection instrument and to measure vibration pattern as noncontact.
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Fibre Force Inc.
Fibre Force Inc. Our load cell by using optical fiber is optimal to measure in harmful environment.
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